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Universal Electric Socket And Wireless Charger OEUPO21C

1,360,000 2,200,000

FEATURED OF ELECTRIC SOCKET AND WIRELESS CHARGE The socket have all power connections which you need,  wireless quick charge, USB A, USB C and universal socket around the side and at the bot..

Universal Socket And Wireless Charger for Conference desk OEUP021

1,420,000 2,300,000

FEATURED OF SOCKET AND WIRELESS CHARGE FOR CONFERENCE DESK OEUP021 The socket OEUP021 have all power connections which you need, wireless quick charge, HDMI, LAN and universal socket around ..

Sliding Cap Socket Combine Wireless Charging OEUP033

1,512,000 3,500,000

FEATURED OF DESKTOP SOCKET OEUP033High-end tabletop power socket with full functions and utilities for offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms. The design is optimized with a hidden slide that does n..

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Socket wireless charger

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