Ergonomic Chair Goodtone Arico

Ergonomic Chair Goodtone Arico

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Item specifics

  • Seat material Microfiber PU/Mould Foam
  • Back material Microfiber PU/Mould Foam
  • Base material 350 Aluminium
  • Lift system KGS class 4 gas lift
  • Armrest adjustable Fixed
  • Mechanism Italia Donati Mechanism
  • Warranty 5 years


In the process of discovering new market needs, through continuously paying attention to the development and change of domestic office space as well as collecting customer feedback, Gu Teng found that the market is missing a slim leather chair with a strong design for senior managers. To fill this gap in the market, Guten sent a collaboration invitation to Peter Horn, a German designer who has won the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award, and the ARICO line was born.


Head of Design and Engineering Horn is a German industrial design and product development office that has won the German Red Design Award, the IF Design Award, the German Good Design Award and other honors. other brand. Headquartered in Dresden, Germany, it has developed a very popular office chair for one of the largest office chair manufacturers in the world.


ARICO is a slim executive chair designed for senior executives. At its core is the wire-operated frame integrated with the handrail. By integrating the internal spring system, the weight of the frame can be reduced without sacrificing any functionality. Quick rotation of tilt adjustment lever, can save the occupants more than 90% of time and energy. When leaning backward to return, the frame's built-in spring can also effectively weaken the back thrust of the chair on the human body. The occupants can easily adjust the seat while maintaining an upright sitting position. ARICO is occupant-centered, creating an enhanced occupant experience from the details.

Features of Goodtone Arico chair


  • Always user-centric, enhancing the user experience in every way @Different from traditional director chairs, ARICO's innovative application of wire-operated chassis co-developed with BOCK in Germany, concealed function control keys under the seat cushion, allowing the user to adjust the chair without bending over.
  • Normal tilt adjustment requires 28 revolutions to adjust from the tightest to the loosest, ARICO only needs to pull lightly to recognize the tilt change.
  • The corresponding function symbols are also printed on the control keys, which is convenient for users to distinguish the functions of different control keys.
  • Three springs + rubber cushion reduce the maximum tilt angle Thrust.

The aluminum alloy metal parts fix the handrail, the bow-shaped mechanical structure, combined with the chassis bracket, increase the sturdiness. Nice function, powerful and stable. ARICO metal parts are mainly divided into fine polishing and flash silver. Exquisite polishing applies an overall polishing process, especially for the joints of fully polished parts to reduce voids and recessed corners, while ensuring the visual integrity of the parts. product. For this reason, Guten's new independent polishing line will standardize production operations, further improve metal shine and slow down oxidation rates.

Three-stage recline - Tilt force adjustment

Through meticulous design, highlight the unique identity of the user. The ARICO range of swivel office chairs fully integrated the Bauhaus concept in the design process, from the overall shape to the fabric stitching, each of which has undergone dozens of refinements and modifications to achieve its effect. Finally, the appearance is neat and diverse. function. The ARICO series changes the functionality of traditional office swivel chairs, with innovative function control keys hidden under the seat cushion, allowing users to adjust the chair without bending over. Through processing details, products can better serve people.


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