Smart wireless charger with tempered glass OEXH702

Smart wireless charger with tempered glass OEXH702

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Ergolife's tempered glass wireless fast charging stand has a circular disc design and compact size. Compact, ultra-thin and light design. Glossy surface with durable tempered glass, overall design is simple but luxurious and sophisticated.

The tempered glass wireless charging function is becoming popular and is integrated on many smart devices today. If you own smart devices with this function, the wireless charging dock is an indispensable accessory for you.

What is wireless charging?

Wireless charging is also known as inductive charging, this is a technology that recharges the battery of smartphones. Different from the traditional charging style so far, you have to go through the power cord or charging dock. Wireless charging allows charging without having to plug a cable into the phone to charge. You just need to place the device on a charging pad or base to charge the battery.

Advantages and disadvantages of wireless charging tempered glass

Every device has its advantages and disadvantages, wireless charging is no exception. Let's find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless charging.


+ Avoid unfortunate situations that cause battery damage, fires and explosions caused by poor quality charging cords.

+ You do not need to use a charging cord or charging cup, this is a solution that makes charging simpler and safer than traditional charging.

+ With a device that is resistant to water, dust, and wireless charging, it will avoid having to open the charging cable and avoid water exposure.


The biggest disadvantage of wireless charging is that you cannot charge through metal surfaces. Phone models with metal shells such as aluminum and steel cannot be charged. So if you want to use wireless charging, the phone must have a glass or plastic back design.

From the benefits that wireless charging brings. Manufacturers have been focusing on developing more new features and more beautiful designs to take this product to a new level.

5 notes to choose the best wireless charging dock

Does the phone support it?

Not all phones have built-in wireless charging. Popular devices with built-in wireless charging include:

+ Apple: From iPhone 8 onwards

+ Samsung: From Galaxy S6 onwards

+ BlackBerry: Priv Moto Z (with mod)

+ Xiaomi Mi 9

+ Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Design, style

The smart wireless charger has a circular shape. With an under-table design, it is suitable for everyone who rarely interacts with devices when needing to charge..

Select charging standard

Although there are 3 different charging standards on the market for wireless charging stands, you will definitely want to choose the Qi charging standard because this is the standard charging standard up to the present time.

Compatible charging capacity

Current wireless charging technology has a capacity of 15W. Currently, smartphones with the fastest wireless charging times will be compatible with 10W capacity. Depending on the type of phone, the manufacturer will give a full charge time of 3 hours.

Buy genuine, quality, cheap wireless charging dock at Ergolife

Ergolife currently provides genuine tempered glass wireless charging docks at extremely reasonable prices. When buying products at Ergolife, you will receive the most enthusiastic advice from the staff.

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