Hanging Socket OEXH304 With LAN Port

Hanging Socket OEXH304 With LAN Port

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Item specifics

  • Height range 5 Universal socket ports, LAN Port, Phone Port
  • Material Anti flame ABS plastic and Alloy
  • Warranty 1 years
  • Dimension 310x53x42mm
  • Color White/Black

Hanging Socket OEXH304 Feature

If you are worried about having to cut a hole in the table top for wiring, then a power outlet hanging under the table is an optimal choice. Simple installation operation with clamp lock without disturbing the table top. You can easily operate the power plug for mobile devices right on the table. The socket is finished with fireproof plastic and high-grade aluminum alloy.

The universal power socket hanging under the table is a smart, convenient and versatile electronic product. The power outlet can be used to supply power to various electrical appliances such as electric stoves, dryers and office electrical appliances. The power socket hanging under the table can be installed under the table or in a number of different fixed positions depending on the needs of the user.

Basic information of electrical sockets hanging under the table:

- Fixed under the table top

- 5 universal sockets, 01 LAN port, 01 phone connection port

- High quality fireproof plastic and aluminum alloy material

- Power on/off button for socket

- 2m . extension cord

Advantages of tabletop clamp socket

- Exquisite design: The socket hanging under the table is simply designed with a full range of connections to meet most of the user's needs.

- Simple installation, no damage to the table top

- The socket hanging under the table solves the inconvenience of connecting wires as well as no longer having difficulties when using traditional sockets such as: Sockets in inconvenient locations, entangled in cables during use. use, low aesthetics, ...

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