Flip Cap Concealed Power Socket OEXH303A

Flip Cap Concealed Power Socket OEXH303A

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  • Height range 3 Universal socket ports, 2x USB type 2.5A
  • Warranty 1 years
  • Material Anti flame ABS plastic and Alloy


Today, when technology is more developed along with the introduction of many smart electrical devices, the equipping of under-table electrical sockets for meeting rooms or offices, desks is more comfortable and sophisticated. It is very important to ensure safety in your working environment.

If you are looking for a smart outlet to charge and use your electrical devices and still have a beautiful design that fits your desk or office. Then Ergolife's flip cap concealed wall socket is the perfect fit to meet your needs.

This universal power outlet can provide power to charge many of your devices such as mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets.

The built-in has all the connectivity you need: an international universal outlet. The electric box under the table has the form of opening and closing according to the needs of use. The damping design optimizes desk space and ensures safety when you're not using it.

Advantages of  flip cap concealed negative electrical socket box:

The product is made from high-quality aluminum alloy with high-strength fireproof ABS plastic, the top of the lid has a black brush design to make it easier to keep the wires and thread them. there will be no kink when closing the lid of the box.

– The aluminum table-top electrical socket box can fit up to 5 small-sized device modules such as a 3-pin single socket, USB drive…. suitable when you set up a desk with 2 monitors with 1 cpu and a quick connection USB port so you can quickly charge devices such as phones, tablets, smart watches...

– Easy to install, quick to thread the wire to help tidy up the desk.

– The big difference with the normal under-table sockets on the market today is that the square under-table socket is smartly designed with enough space for the wires to be inserted. In particular, you can plug in the power cord both from the table and under the table without worrying about getting entangled in any other objects.

– And with this special design of the square recessed drive, you will not need to unplug any electrical equipment when you need to close the electrical outlet cover to help increase the usable table area.

- And with the folding cover, there are 2 separate modes to make the square electric socket flexibly used depending on your different needs.

Parameters of the underground power socket:

- 2 universal sockets

- 2 USB charging port (A+C - 20W)

- Open and close form (Pop up)

- Extension cord 2.2m

With the above parameters, Ergolife's under-table power socket can completely meet the needs of office power without the need for an additional power source. The aesthetic design of the under-table power socket is a bright plus for modern office spaces and workspaces

Technical details of smart under-table power socket:

The electric socket under the table is warranted for 12 months at Ergolife.

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