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Power sockets under the table or under the partition OEXH605

790,000 3,500,000

HIGHLIGHTS FEATURES CONCESSIVE DESK OR BALLWALL ELECTRICAL OUTLETS OEXH605High-quality recessed power sockets on desks or partitions is an electrical device to control turning on and off lig..

Flip Cap Concealed Power Socket OEXH303A

1,150,000 2,200,000

SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF OEXH303AToday, when technology is more developed along with the introduction of many smart electrical devices, the equipping of under-table electrical sockets for meeting ro..

Universal Electric Socket And Wireless Charger OEUPO21C

1,415,000 1,415,000

FEATURED OF ELECTRIC SOCKET AND WIRELESS CHARGE The socket have all power connections which you need,  wireless quick charge, USB A, USB C and universal socket around the side and at the bot..

Universal Socket And Wireless Charger for Conference desk OEUP021

1,577,000 2,300,000

FEATURED OF SOCKET AND WIRELESS CHARGE FOR CONFERENCE DESK OEUP021 The socket OEUP021 have all power connections which you need, wireless quick charge, HDMI, LAN and universal socket around ..

Sliding Cap Socket Combine Wireless Charging OEUP033

1,653,000 3,500,000

FEATURED OF DESKTOP SOCKET OEUP033High-end tabletop power socket with full functions and utilities for offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms. The design is optimized with a hidden slide that does n..

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desk electrical outlet

An under-counter power outlet is a specially designed type of power outlet that hides the wires and sockets, thereby optimizing the tabletop space to always be neat, safe and scientific. Ergolife's built-in power sockets are genuine products with good finishing and premium quality. 

Reasons you should use a desk-mounted electrical box:

  • Set up a neat and clean space.
  • Increase the aesthetics of your workspace.
  • Ensure high safety, especially for children when they do not have to directly touch the electrical wiring system
  • Optimize working space, reduce clutter from electrical wiring.
  • Integrates many useful features such as wireless charging and USB port,...

ổ điện âm bàn làm việc

All types of under-counter power sockets at Ergolife have a warranty of up to 12 months, so customers can use our products with peace of mind.

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