Ergonomic Chair Sihoo V1 Black/ Grey

Ergonomic Chair Sihoo V1 Black/ Grey

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  • Seat material High-grade mesh
  • Back material High-grade mesh
  • Headrest material PU
  • Base material Aluminum alloy
  • Back adjustable Up and down up to 6cm adjustable
  • Lumbar Up/down adjust to 9cm and forward/ backward up to 5cm
  • Lift system Class 3 Gas Lift ANSI/BIFMA X5.1
  • Seat adjustable Slide forward and backward up to 5cm
  • Armrest adjustable 4D adjustable
  • Headrest adjustable Up/down adjust to 5cm and rotate forward/ backwardup to 60 degree
  • Color Black/ Grey
  • Warranty 3 years


You will be comfortable on Ergonomic office chair Sihoo V1, it help you can the best focus to working. Ergonomic office chairs are designed to minimize stamina and physical discomfort, thereby maximizing efficiency, and improving health.

Design backrest arched according to the spine

Backrest was designed focus to  4 positions  on the spine scientifically: neck, chest, waist and buttocks

Lumbar omnidirectional adjustable.

With the ability to change the position up and down, the lumbar backrest also has the ability to adjust the height and low to change the support force to help distribute the force to support the spine in this position to bring a comfortable feeling when sitting for a long time.

Headrest omnidirectional adjustable.
Headrest is low/height adjustable, forward and backward to help support the weight of the head and share pressure on the cervical vertebrae.

Armrest 4D adjustable

Armrest design suitable for all sitting positions, giving your hands a comfortable feeling

Seat base can slide forward/ backward

Seat base can adjust to 5cm brings a feeling of fit, suitable for all conditions.

Seat base was designed curved make more comfortable

Full mesh feeling fresh and comfortable

You can seat long time without hot feeling and friendly with your skin

Backrest can lock 4 positions

Large angle up to 140 degree  to take a break

Backrest can adjust the height

Up to 6cm suitable for all conditions of people sitting

Safety and durable gas lift

The thickness of gas lift up 1.5mm passed ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 standard can load up to 135kg

Base 5 star with Aluminum alloy

Big PU wheel make more smooth

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