Ergonomic Chair Ergoup 1606

Ergonomic Chair Ergoup 1606

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  • Seat material High-grade mesh
  • Back material High-grade mesh
  • Headrest material High quality mesh
  • Base material Aluminum alloy
  • Back adjustable Up and down up to 6cm adjustable
  • Lumbar Up/down adjust to 9cm and forward/ backward up to 5cm
  • Lift system Class 4 Gas Lift
  • Armrest adjustable 3D adjustable: up/down - move forward/backward, rotate
  • Headrest adjustable Up/down adjust to 5cm and rotate forward/ backwardup to 60 degree
  • Color Black/ Grey
  • Warranty 5 years


Ergoup 1606 Dragon Mesh Chair is a leading ergonomic chair product with advanced functions from the Ergoup brand. The chair is full of advanced features to support the user as well as bring the most comfortable and convenient experience to the user.
Designed to keep users comfortable while working, so they can focus on doing the best they can.

The design of the ergonomic office chair with the backrest curved along the spine

Ergoup 1606 ergonomic chair is specially designed dragon mesh, the back of the chair can be flexibly adjusted to 8cm, making it easy for users to find the most suitable sitting position, not only providing comfort but also comfort. It also helps support the spine effectively.

The Ergoup 1606 ergonomic chair also features a seat that can slide up to 5cm. Not only creating a spacious sitting space, the sliding seat also helps to adjust the sitting distance to suit each user, ensuring a comfortable sitting position and correct ergonomics.

Ergoup 1606 headrest 3D dragon mesh

The height and height of this headrest can be adjusted, properly adjusted it will help reduce the pressure of the head on our shoulders and neck, for a long time Using it, we will not have neck fatigue.

Ergoup 1606 chair backrest with dragon pattern has the ability to change the backrest force to help distribute support for the spine, this position provides a comfortable feeling when sitting for a long time.

With a strong and balanced Y-frame back design, it helps to best support your back and ensure durability when using the chair to sit and recline extremely comfortably.

The entire backrest assembly can be adjusted up and down 4 steps, each step is 2cm apart, so the chair can be customized to suit most body conditions with an ideal height from 1m65 to 1m85.

3D lifting arm

And it is impossible not to mention the 3D lifting arm.

The armrest can be adjusted in 3 directions, making it easy to find the most comfortable resting position, optimal support for your work.

Synchronous tilt armrest, 5 gears can be adjusted up and down, 3D PU armrest, armrest can be pushed forward/backward, left/right, delicate touch, arm relaxation.

All chairs from the neck, rim, back are used American imported Matrex mesh, ensuring the best quality for users.

The seat of the Ergoup 1606 ergonomic chair is designed with a mesh design to provide a comfortable feeling of coolness.

You can sit for a long time without feeling hot or uncomfortable with the skin-friendly mesh design.

The back of the Ergoup 1606 chair has a dragon pattern with a recline of up to 135 degrees, keeping the 2-step recline lock.

High-end piston 4

Finally, Ergoup 1606's BIFMA 4-Stage Piston is a testament to the quality and durability of the product. The chair is equipped with a sturdy piston that has good bearing capacity, ensuring absolute safety when sitting.

Ergoup 1606 Mesh high-end wheel ergonomic chair is smooth and smooth.

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