Ergonomic Chair Sihoo AU (Doro S300) -Version 2.0 2024

Ergonomic Chair Sihoo AU (Doro S300) -Version 2.0 2024

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  • Seat material Cloud mesh mixed velvet
  • Back material Cloud mesh with velvet
  • Headrest material Cloud mesh
  • Base material Aluminum alloy
  • Back adjustable Up and down adjustable 10cm
  • Lift system Class 4 Gas Lift
  • Seat adjustable Slide forward and backward +- 4cm
  • Armrest adjustable 6D adjustable position
  • Headrest adjustable Up/down adjust to 8cm and rotate forward/ backward up to 35 degree
  • Color Black/White
  • Warranty 5 years


Ergonomic chair Sihoo AU also marketed as Doro s300. The newest line of ergonomic chairs from the house of Sihoo in 2023 is designed to give the user multi-directional support as well as maximum comfort while sitting. The Sihoo AU ergonomic chair is designed to minimize body pressure when sitting and the discomfort of sitting for too long, thereby maximizing efficiency and improving health.

Sihoo AU Ergonomic Chair with Sihoo's Latest Technology Design

"Technology Suspended"

You will feel like your body is suspended in mid-air when sitting on the Sihoo AU.

This technology creates the feeling of floating in mid-air, defying gravity, hence the name "Suspension Technology".

Sihoo AU with outstanding features

The chair frame was developed to make it easier for the occupants to recline as well as to stand up.

If the most important part of a chair is the frame, then the most important part of the frame is the frame material.

Therefore, Sihoo has improved the S300 seat frame material which is made of aviation materials, making the occupants feel lighter when sitting on this chair.

Sihoo AU ergonomic chair backrest design with floating wing lumbar support backrest.

Sihoo's self-developed floating wing lumbar support technology with 45-degree horizontal and vertical lumbar support, with automatic adjustment of 4 springs, makes the back of the occupant when leaning on the chair feel very comfortable and supportive. spine for people to sit, relieve pressure on the spine.

To achieve a flexible backrest design while ensuring structural safety and durability, ergonomic chair maker Sihoo AU spent a lot of time selecting materials to complete a test. challenge is almost unattainable.

Innovative headrest, flexible adjustment

According to Sihoo's Ergonomics study, back comfort when sitting relies heavily on postural support for the waist and shoulders. For different people, the waist and shoulder positions are also different, so in order to best support the user, Sihoo invented the Sihoo hanging headrest to provide maximum support for outsiders with different body sizes. together.

Cloud mesh technology.

Using Italian velvet and DuPoint elastomer, combined with many special weaving techniques. Not only has the elasticity and durability, but also gives the sitting feeling that is not inferior to the spring sofa.

The armrest of the Sihoo AU ergonomic chair is a 6D armrest that synchronizes with the backrest

Suitable for any sitting posture

Change sitting position easily

Smart control, convenient
Adjustable seat height, seat depth, backrest, adjustable elasticity.
It is very easy to use and by adjusting the elasticity, you will find the rebound of the fall force when sitting giving you a very unique experience that no other chair offers.

Gaslift safety class 4

Passed 120000 times of testing, simulating nearly 10 years of using a chair with common features.

Specifications of chair S300

The Sihoo AU /Doro S300 Ergonomic Chair is backed by a genuine 3-year warranty at Ergolife.

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