Mid Back Ergonomic Chair B2

Mid Back Ergonomic Chair B2

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Item specifics

  • Seat material 3-layer air mattress
  • Back material fresh air mesh
  • Base material Nylon 350mm
  • Lift system American BIFMA standard
  • Armrest adjustable 2D (up/down)
  • Warranty 3 years


The B2 Ergonomic Chair is derived from the bionic butterfly wing shape, the self-debug dual lumbar support design resembles a pair of angel wings. When you focus on work and study, it can support the lumbar spine flexibly and effectively, fitting the waistline. The unique design of the double section mechanical handrail is reversible and storable. Also the Pu handrail is more skin-friendly and easy to clean, which can meet different height, weight and user needs. A chair that perfectly suits all shapes and sizes and comfortably supports your body, allowing you to maintain a healthy and correct sitting posture at all times.


Thoughtful design is reflected in every detail of the ergonomic chair B2

The B2 Ergonomics Chair is more researched on the body of the occupant in a smart design. The flexible functional configuration of the entire chair takes into account the majority of the occupant's situation. Just a slight change in appearance will make the contours of the chair smoother and more beautiful.

All the details of the B2 ergonomic chair are meticulously designed to meet all ergonomics and features:

Flexible adjustable headrest can be raised and lowered, helping to support the entire back when sitting. Don't worry about back pain when you have to sit and look at the screen for too long for a long time.

The armrest is designed with 2D adjustment that can be raised and lowered. Helping people to sit can choose many positions for the most reasonable and comfortable hand for themselves to meet different needs. In addition, it also helps you fight hand fatigue, prevent other bone and joint diseases.

Flexible customized ergonomic design, help you fight fatigue while working, improve work efficiency.

Advantages of using ergonomic chair B2

Seat B2 with lumbar support pillow

You can comfortably lean back or lean on the chair with a flexible and comfortable seat backrest adjustment angle. Don't worry about making you uncomfortable when sitting or studying for a long time.

Soft backrest, fits the body of the person sitting, helping you get the best sitting posture. Reduce pressure on neck and shoulders

The molded foam seat cushion makes you completely comfortable and breathable when sitting for long periods of time.

The seat mattress is designed to be user-friendly, so you don't need to worry about pain or soreness when sitting for too long on the B2 chair.

In addition, the chair is also designed to comfortably raise and lower to help fit the new table size and can save space.

Leg base with piston adjusts the height of the seat.

Ben lift brings the performance of the chair more durable and safe for the occupants.

Smooth and smooth PU B2 wheels

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