Ergonomic desk ERD-2300 Premium (Flexispot ET223 Premium) no desktop

Ergonomic desk ERD-2300 Premium (Flexispot ET223 Premium) no desktop

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Item specifics

  • Material Powder coating
  • Load weight 125kg
  • Height range 580-1.235mm
  • Suitabe desktop Length: 1.200-2.000mm Wide: 600-800mm
  • Wide adjust 1,100-1.900mm
  • Speed lift 38mm/s
  • Operation AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Standby power <0.5W
  • Sound Level <50dB
  • Warranty information 3 years


If you need a sturdy set of smart lifting table legs with the ability to change height, choosing the Flexispot ET223 smart lifting table leg is an advantage, with a T-shaped leg design with a supporting frame placed in the middle. The ability to perfectly support the table top even if your table top is quite thin. Dual motors provide smooth lifting ability with noise level <48dB with moving speed up to 38mm/s and working load up to 125kg.

The pedestal of the Flexispot ET223 smart lifting table has a holeless design with high aesthetics.

The pedestal joints of the smart lifting table are designed smoothly without holes to increase the aesthetics of the product. With a 3-joint design, the table can be intelligently lowered up to 600mm low and up to 1200mm high.

The joints of the smart lifting table meet standards and have high-quality powder coating:

All products of the smart lifting table are manufactured synchronously, imported from the original box, with sophisticated robotic welds and high-quality powder coating.

The wire cover tray and control box help make the table leg design more neat and aesthetic

Included with the ET223 Premium table leg is an advanced controller

Advanced functions:

The LED screen shows the height of the table when the height changes from high to low or vice versa.

Child lock function:

To activate the child lock: Press and hold the left and right buttons until the word “Loc” is displayed. The remote will ring

beep and the indicator light will flash red. Release the buttons and the bell will stop. When pressing any button while the child lock is active, the buzzer will beep and the indicator light will click flashing red.

To unlock: Press and hold the left and right buttons until the digital display changes from “Loc”. height display and the indicator light changes from flashing red to blue.

Sedentary reminder function:

Turn on the feature: Short press the right button to open the settings interface, the screen will display the letter “n”, when the number flashes, You can increase the time by moving up and decrease the time by moving down. After When the time setting is completed, short press the right button to flash "=" and the sedentary reminder message will is enabled.

Turn off the feature: Press and hold the right button, the screen will display "OFF", then the sedentary reminder feature will be turned off.

Height saving function:

Press and hold the left button to save the current height as memory height (the indicator light will flash once if saved successfully). When the height is more than 90cm (35.4 inches), it can be saved as a standing height.

When height is less than 90cm (35.4 inches), can be saved as sitting height.

Briefly press the left button to check the saved sitting and standing height.

(If you do not save any memory height, the display will display "---"). Quickly press the up/down switch twice, the table will automatically adjust to the last saved position in that direction.

(If you do not save any memory height, the table will not move).

Anti-collision sensitivity adjustment -- Optional features:

a. Swipe the switch up while holding the left button for 5 seconds to adjust sensitivity. Each operation will move to the next level, there are 4 levels available (A-3, A-2, A-1, A-0);

b. The display will display “R-0” to indicate that the anti-collision function is disabled;

The display will show "R-" for low sensitivity;

The display will show "R-2" for medium sensitivity;

The display will show "R-3" for high sensitivity;

c. If any obstacle is encountered during the process of raising or lowering the table, it will immediately bounce back for protection.

d. If the screen does not display any of the above codes when flipping the switch up while holding the left button, it means the collision prevention function is not available.

Resovle problem:

Reset function:

a. The LED display shows "R55" or "r5t", continuously press the handset down until the height-adjustable table drops to the lowest position and bounces back to the stop. The display will show the lowest height. Release to complete the reset. The desk can now be used normally.

b. If error "E01" or "E02" occurs, let the table rest for at least 18 minutes before using it again.

c. If the screen shows any other error code and there is no response when the handset is pressed, check

Check the cable for damage and make sure all connections are secure. Turn off the power for at least 10 minutes

seconds, then reconnect and press the phone repeatedly until the screen displays "R55" or "rst". Then continue to press the handheld device to perform the reset operation.

d. If the table still cannot operate normally after performing the above steps, please contact Ergolife immediately.

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