Ergonomic Flexispot EM7L Electric Lift and Lower Adjustable Work Table

Ergonomic Flexispot EM7L Electric Lift and Lower Adjustable Work Table

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  • Material MFC surface covered melamin, steel Powder coated, electric motor
  • Load weight 25kg
  • Height range Min: 125mm - Max: 505mm
  • Desktop dimensions - Workspace Size: 95*41,5cm - Keyboard Tray Size 88*30,8 cm
  • Speed lift 22mm/s
  • Warranty information 3 years for Gas lift and frame, motor


Flexispot EM7L electric adjustable lifting and lowering standing desk can help users turn a fixed desk into a standing desk without having to change your desk. Helps bring a modern, comfortable working space, improving health while working. Currently, large corporations have also equipped their employees with desks that can help change the height so they can work standing.

Flexispot EM7L electric adjustable lifting and lowering standing desk is an electrically adjustable convertible desk, just press the key to adjust the desk including: screen, computer, keyboard, mouse... Can be flexibly adjusted to raise or lower from the table top from 12.5 - 50.5cm.

The electric conversion desk is suitable for most Vietnamese people (up to 1.92m). The desk has a design suitable for all today's office interior designs. The entire office can use a combination of fixed and convertible desks. Office users do not need to replace all fixed desks to be able to stand and work. This is also a special feature of Flexispot's electric lifting and lowering adjustable standing desk.

The special two-story U-shaped design helps users increase working area while still maintaining spacious space.

In addition, by expanding or removing the keyboard tray, the desk can be used more flexibly. Meets different needs of users.

Fully electrically adjustable

The Flexispot EM7L standing desk has a design that allows users to easily adjust the height with just the push of an electric button. Unlike traditional convertible desks, users do not need to use too much force to switch back and forth between standing and sitting.

Powerful and quiet motor

Động cơ chuyển động của Flexispot EM7L vô cùng nhẹ nhàng và yên tĩnh, ngay cả khi chịu tải trọng nặng thì hoạt động nâng lên hạ xuống cũng không hề phát ra âm thanh nào gây ảnh hưởng đến những người xung quanh.

Chịu được tải trọng cao

With the EM7L computer lift table, users can comfortably use multiple screens, creating a highlight for the workspace with all their favorite accessories with a load capacity of up to 25kg, weight-bearing X-shaped leg design. better quality.

Exclusive lifting system from Flexispot

Compared to other types of electrically adjustable tables whose movement speed increases when the table goes down, even causing collisions with the ground when lifting and lowering, the Flexispot EM7L lift table is designed with a patented bracing system, Ensure the transport speed of the table top is always stable when lifting up and down

The standing desk power adapter is suitable for most different types of desk tops

Technical specifications of Flexispot EM7L convertible electric desk:

Ergonomic Flexispot EM7L Ergonomic Flexispot EM7L Standing Electric Conversion Electric Lifting Adjustable Desk has a 3-year Ergolife warranty for the frame and lifting gas tank. Choose from black or white to easily match the color tone of your office or home.

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