Ergonomic Chair Goodtone Imove

Ergonomic Chair Goodtone Imove

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  • Seat material Korea Wintex Mesh
  • Back material Korea Wintex Mesh
  • Base material ITALY Donati Mechanism
  • Lift system KGS class 4 gas lift
  • Armrest adjustable Up/Down adjustable, rotate, slide forward, backward
  • Warranty 5 years


Goodtone has always believed that ergonomic chairs are one of the tools that help people improve the quality of their work. When users sit and work in an ergonomic chair for long periods of time, they should not feel intimidated by the chair, but should have an additional sense of integration with the body.



NIKE AO is a Chinese industrial designer. He founded MILON DESIGN in 2009 and focused on the industrial design of office chairs. His works have

been exhibited in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Milan, etc. In 2014, he won the China Original Design Award, injecting the confidence of Original Design into the industrial design of the domestic office industry 



Shape alloy support has never been so pure "ג"
The alloy support parts, which are extremely close to the form of the

Greek letter Lambda, are carefully crafted with a polish of up to 6000 grit for pure details. 

Synchronous Slidable Back Syste 

Goodtone would like to provide a market, sitting pressure uniform, contact surface by less pressure, pressure difference close to "ZERO" office chair. To this end, we independently developed this patented technology, so that the chair back design to bring a strong sense of packaging, to give the user the best work experience. 

About the design shape of the ergonomic chair IMove together with the soft mesh can return the feeling of being protected in an environment that is safe and emotionally neutralized by the aloofness of the industrialized atmosphere that most airspaces have. office space created.

Korea Wintex Mesh 

First-class quality.

EU Eco-label and the International Textile Eco-label.

Keep elasticity and toughness, curved surface to fit buttocks and thighs, fresh and breathable. 

Synchronous Slidable Back Bystem 

Through the accurate measurement of the human body tilt axis, the performance of synchronous support is achieved by using the rotating shaft structure of the chassis and the mechanism of the backside reciprocating sliding. 

ITALY Donati Mechanism 

Multi-speed locking, surface sand grain powder spraying, super anti-oxidation function. 

Specifications of Goodtone IMove


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