Ergonomic Chair Sihoo A3/Doro C300

Ergonomic Chair Sihoo A3/Doro C300

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Item specifics

  • Seat material High-grade Matrex mesh
  • Back material High-grade Matrex mesh
  • Headrest material High-grade Matrex mesh
  • Base material Aluminum alloy
  • Back adjustable Up and down adjustable 10cm
  • Lift system Class 4 Gas Lift
  • Seat adjustable Slide forward and backward +- 4cm
  • Armrest adjustable 6D adjustable
  • Headrest adjustable Up/down adjust to 8cm and rotate forward/ backward up to 35 degree
  • Color Black
  • Warranty 3 years


You will be comfortable on Ergonomic office chair Sihoo A3, it help you can the best focus to working. Ergonomic office chairs are designed to minimize stamina and physical discomfort, thereby maximizing efficiency, and improving health.

Flexible backrest frame

The flexible backrest design allows the back of the chair to fit the body even when the user turns to the side. In order to achieve the flexible backrest design, and at the same time to ensure the safety and durability of the structure, we took great pains in the selection of materials to complete an almost unachievable challenge.

Wide angle mechanical headrest.

The unassuming headrest has amazing strength. The headrest cleverly combines lift, rotation, front and back three kinds of adjustment logic in one, greatly

6D bionic  joint armrest

It should not be called an armrest, it should be called an assistant.

The control is sensitive, convenient and smooth, flexible like a human arm, catering to your working condition at any time. When adjusting, the clatter, clatter, clatter like a mechanical watch dialling the pleasant sound, and the wonderful control feedback, some people even use it as a magic tool to relieve stress. Suitable for all conditions of people sitting.

Radial Touch surface module

Fitted to the body, pressure relief waist wrap.

Slope guide tracking module.

Move with the body. slide to chase the waist, Automatic adapt with pressure.

Smart Gravity Sensing chassis

Gathering mechanical conduction technology wisdom crystallization of the chassisAccording to the user's weight can automatically adjust the feedback strength of the back leaning light people back leaning not difficult, weight people get up more easily

Convenient one-touch control.
The knob combines the lift/slide adjustment/recline adjustment into one And according to the application habits of each person to create control logic, a second to understand. Whether you are sitting or leaning back, it is easy to reach the adjustment quickly and in one step.

Even pressure sliding seat cushion,

The development of the even pressure seat cushion reflects the outrageous pursuit of user experience by the R&D engineers. Long before the cushion was introduced to the market. In fact, we have gone through many tests and mold changes, our goal is to allow the thighs and hips to participate as fully as possible in the sharing of body pressure without stress concentration. In the end, we also succeeded on Sihoo A3

Cloud mesh

Cloud stretch mesh designed by Sihoo.

It adopts the same material of polyamide fiber as parachute cord.

And a combination of a variety of special weaving technology, not only elasticity, tensile strength. It is not only elasticity, tensile strength and durability, but also the feeling of sitting is not inferior to that of spring sofa.

Backrest can lock 4 positions

Large angle up to 138 degree to take a break

Safety and durable gas lift

The thickness of gas lift up 1.5mm passed ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 standard can load up to 135kg, After 120,000 times of safety testing

Simulated 10 years of normal use of lifting application scenarios

Base 5 star with Aluminium alloy, Big PU wheel make more smooth

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