Ergonomic Smart Lifting Table FWS12-2 With Table Top

Ergonomic Smart Lifting Table FWS12-2 With Table Top

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Item specifics

  • Material Powder coated
  • Load weight 8kg
  • Height range 760-1.090mm
  • Desktop dimensions Kích thước: 560x800x18mm
  • Operation Ben khí nén
  • Warranty information 3 years


If you are in need of a sturdy smart lifting table leg that can change Ergonomic height but has an economical size enough for limited working spaces, small groups or presentation tables, then the Smart Lifting Table Leg Set ERD is the right choice. The smart lifting table is equipped with a single motor but is capable of supporting up to 80Kg with a moving speed of up to 38mm/s along with a 2-button keyboard to easily change the height of the table.

The ERD smart lifting table leg set is perfect for use at the office, home and school with the following advantages:

● Multi-purpose steel hook: used to hang bags, cups or other hanging items

● Heavy-duty wheels: provide smooth ride with quality that lasts a lifetime

● Height adjustment: meet different user preferences

● Large sturdy base: ensures a sturdy and stable base at any height

● Squeeze lever: for easy adjustment

  • Detailed characteristics:
    Quickly adjust the height with one adjustment button to adjust the height for active studying or working.


The large desk area allows you to arrange many work items or create your own creations for your desk.

Convenient hanger for bags, cups or any other hanging items. The monolithic base and high-quality wheels help increase mobility and stability during movement. Advanced frame design reduces setup time.

The base is designed with solid aluminum to increase stability, with wheels to protect and increase mobility and stability.

With a simple, smart 1-leg lifting table leg, it will help you save space in your work corner but still be creative and set up your work corner.

Compact size of one-legged smart lifting table for narrow spaces or for presentation events, meetings...

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