Smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL (Obol leg)

Smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL (Obol leg)

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Item specifics

  • Load weight Max 120kgs
  • Height range Min 720 - Max 1.170mm
  • Wide adjust Min 1.200- Max 1.600mm
  • Desktop dimensions Wide: Min 600 - Max 800mm / Lenght: Min 1200mm - Max 1800mm
  • Speed lift 30mm/s
  • Operation AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Sound Level <20dB
  • Warranty information 3 years

Smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL (Dual Motor - Two Stages)

Ergolife officially distributes genuine smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL (Dual Motor - Two Stages) in Vietnam. Smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL (Dual Motor - Two Stages) is specially designed with a seamless circular base with legs providing a high level of finishing. Load capacity up to 120kg with horizontal double bar system withstands much more weight than other common single bar legs, the width of the table is compatible with countertops from 1m2 to 1m6.

With many features of self-adjusting to arbitrary height, smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL (Dual Motor - Two Stages) is the most outstanding ergonomic product today. Ergonomic are now being trusted and used flexibly by many people in offices and families with increasingly perfect designs.

Smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL (Dual Motor - Two Stages) designed with round cylindrical legs.

Smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL (Dual Motor - Two Stages) features the latest innovations in motor and a more user-friendly design. Smart desk with the most advanced features and economical price.

Những đặc điểm nổi trội của bàn nâng hạ thông minh ERD-M2S2OBOL (2 Động Cơ - 2 Khớp)

Outstanding features of Smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL (Dual Motor - Two Stages):

Spinal movement technology - HSM mode (Health Spine Movement) - Patented technolog

"for your NECK & SPINE health"

LED light will flash, the table will automatically very slow rise 12cm for 3 minutes and stop for 2 minutes then lower very slowly 12cm for 3 minutes and after 2 minutes the table will repeat.

The details are elaborated more meticulously and aesthetically

The table legs are designed in a circular shape to bring high aesthetics and sophistication, suitable for most interior styles. The design is also very safe for users and children because there are no sharp corners that will not bring any danger when placing the table and using it in crowded places.

     Round table legs for smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL

     Normal table legs for smart desk

Smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL structure is designed according to a new structure, more improved and more convenient for users

Smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL uses a motorized lifting system Dual crossbar combined with double crossbeam structure gives customers a smoother and more stable experience.

 Single crossbar with normal smart desk

 Double crossbar with smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL

Quiet motor

Smart desk ERD-M2S2OBOL allows the user to sit or stand with ease and encourages healthy movement throughout the day.

Low noise: The electric motor of the intelligent smart desk when switching between sitting and standing positions is extremely quiet, you never worry about disturbing others in the same room.

Smooth motion: Extremely smooth table motion ensures that the computer monitor and other accessories placed on the tabletop will not move or fall.

Built-in anti-collision sensor

The sensor detects and stops movement when a collision is detected. For the safety of children, objects are under the table, out of your sight. Displays an “E 2” warning when the table top is shaken, obstructed or tilted when moving. Immediately stop moving and move backwards, then the warning will go away.

Advanced multi-adjustable new style keyboard

Advanced keyboard allows height presets for more convenient height adjustment for users , in addition, users can also use 2 keys to raise and lower the height of the table to manually raise and lower.
The HSM (spine support) feature helps users to switch standing or sitting positions at the right time.

Set memory location

Position memory is programmed to remember the height of the position you sit or work and you want. You can save time adjusting the height of the desk to suit your body shape when sitting, standing and working. With the push of a button, the desk automatically adjusts to its preferred working position.


Energy-saving display screen

The exact height of the displayed tabletop will automatically darken to reduce power consumption, increase LED lamp life and reduce your attention while working.


Standing desk frame with adjustable length 120cm or 160cm

Designed to be adjustable in two different length sizes, it is 120cm for tight spaces, or if you have a larger space can adjust the length of the table up to 160cm. Make sure the user can adjust the size of the table to fit the existing space. 



Smart desk has received international certifications.

The design of the lifting joints allows the table to be adjusted to different heights. The surface of the table frame is covered with a layer of high heat resistance and wear resistance to make the table frame more durable. Ensure safety for users and the environment. Has been tested by experts and granted certificates of recognition to international standards.

The product is open for pre-order on Ergolife's website. Genuine products are currently being distributed by Ergolife directly from the manufacturer to the hands of consumers.

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