Ergonomic Goodtone Poly chair

Ergonomic Goodtone Poly chair

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  • Seat material Foam cushion high quality
  • Back material Fabric 3D textured fresh air
  • Base material Aluminium Alloy + Powder coated
  • Lift system KGS class 4 gas lift
  • Armrest adjustable Up/Down adjustable
  • Warranty 5 years


Yves Béhar

As the founder of fuseproject, Yves Béhar believes that design’s purpose is not only to show us the future, but to bring us the future. His design style is relatively perceptual, focusing on the beauty of curves and strong touch. It hopes to hide the technology under the practicality and aesthetics. It coincides with the styles of well-known brands such as Apple, Samsung, HP, Herman Miller, Issey Miyake, and has created many world-renowned works, Herman Miller Sayl is one of Yves Béhar.

Got a lot of awards of design


Inspired by the geometric elements, the layered triangular patterns and 3d knitting techniques bring up multiple textures, presenting a three-dimensional effect. The use of colors full of vitality breaks the dull atmosphere, forms a strong visual impact, and leaves a unique style impression


Many products on the market tend to attract attention, but ignore the essence of a chair, which is the comfort of sitting. Among many designers who focus on user experience and ergonomic research, We finally chose Fuseproject that fits our consistent design philosophy and who has served the world’s top furniture company Herman Miller.We hope tocreate an office chair with distinctive features without sacrificing a comfortable sitting feeling. It is not limited to a specific scene. It can not only be integrated into flexible and diversified office scenes, but also can be placed in the home work space and become a part of home decoration

V-shaped Back Frame

The unique suspended V-shaped chair back frame extends longitudinally from the waistline to the bottom mechani sm, which compl icated the armrests and interprets the dynamic posture of geometric aesthetics.

BOCK Mechanism

Developed by Bock Germany R&D team, the mechanism system is based on an open and light mechanism concept. Despite the slim mechanism housing, all the internal necessary functional parts are hidden inside. The tension adjustment range can be achieved with minimal torque on the ergonomically handwheel. The handwheel only needs to be turned by 1.5 round for completing tension range. The synchronized mechanism is based on a 4-axis linkage system which results in a very comfortable with minimized shirt pulling.

Exquisitely armrest designed.

- Height adjustable

- Soft PU pad more comfortable

- The curve V-line for an elegant and comfortable when you put your hand or hold it.

- High material and the best finish look smooth and strong even you put all your hand with large press.

Height adjustable lumbar

With soft line designed of lumbar is enough strong to support your waist in any position.


The technical streamlined fabric realizes the integrated weaving of complex structures and patterns through special programming techniques, covering the entire back area, providing effective elastic support for the human body, while the triangular facade guarantees excellent breathability and makes users feel comfortable

High quality cushion

High-relisience cushion combine with cotton, the seat cushion very soft and comfortable, it is special feeling very soft, but you can't touch to and hard bellow parts of seat.

Aluminium alloy base is coated by powder

The aluminium base is coated by powder almost only have on luxury chair. The Aluminium alloy is used in aviation sector it is durable and strength, but it is easy oxidized by salts or detergent, it is in your leg sweat when you put your barefoot on or the detergent when you clean the floor, so powder coating will protect your chair.

Class 4 gas lift

KSG is one of best supplier for gas lift of Korea, the level class 4 almost equip for hight quality chair, its load weight is over 150kg.

Silent castors when moving and safety for your floor

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