Goodtone Yucan Ergonomic Chair

Goodtone Yucan Ergonomic Chair

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Item specifics

  • Seat material Foam cushion high quality
  • Back material Fabric 3D textured fresh air
  • Base material Aluminium Alloy + Powder coated
  • Lift system KGS class 4 gas lift
  • Armrest adjustable Up/Down adjustable
  • Warranty 5 years


Develop Purpose

Goodtone always believes that of­fice chairs are one of the tools to help people improve the quality of work and life. When users sit in a comfortable offi­ce chair for a long time to work, they should not feel the confrontation between the chair and the body movements, but should have a feeling of complementation and integration The design of YUCAN not only relieves the physical fatigue and discomfort of the human body, but also helps users concentrate on the psychological level. To this end, YUCAN continues to take an innovative step in fabric innovation, providing a set of materials that do not use sponge, leather or mesh, etc.

Its make of comfortable material: YUCAN is a fabric chair that as comfortable as mesh chair. Just like advantages of hybrid cars. YUCAN not only has the soft, skin-friendly and warm characteristics of a fabric chair, but also has the characteristics of a mesh chair, which is breathable, dry and skin-friendly. In terms of appearance, YUCAN's moderate line language and soft fabrics can stimulate the sense of security built a safety environment and neutralize the sense of distance brought by the industrial atmosphere that most off­ice spaces deliberately create.

The design of YUCAN re‑ects the simple concept of offi­ce chaircomfort. inspired by our years of experience on of­ce chair comfortability, the concept re‑ects GOODTONE's vision of the workspace. Before its been launched, we had evaluated YUCAN from the aspects of ergonomics, aesthetics and spatial versatility to meet the overall needs of organizations and individuals in the offi­ce space.

Yucan Concept

YUCAN is a high-performance task chair with a honeycomb support system at its core. The design inspiration comes from the designer's deep insight into the workplace. The hexagonal honeycomb-like structure in the interior symbolizes the reinforced concrete in the city, and the characteristics of bees are added to the human body, expressing the good hope of ef­cient unity. The contour lines are wrapped with a new type of air layer fabric, which freezes the surging state of mind and conveys abundant imagination and eternal energy. The simple and ingenious hexagonal interlocking is used to form a tightly close honeycomb mesh structure. Air holes accelerate heat dissipation and enhance the breathability of the seat back. In addition, the blessing of the resin material improves the overall ‑exibility of the back frame, avoiding the sense of hard object diaphragm caused by the traditional PVC frame, so that YUCAN helping user release the pressure from the top current work.

Usability Advantage

Seat Back/ Seat Cushion:

The innovation of the YUCAN seat back honeycomb support system is to provide a comfortable solution without the use of materials such as sponge, leather or mesh: a fabric chair as comfortable as mesh chair. The honeycomb support system replaces the sponge to support the back, which effectively disperses the uneven extrusion force caused by the back movement; and the multi-vent holes accelerate the heat dissipation and enhance the breathability of the seat back. The blessing of resin material improves the overall exibility of the back frame and avoids the hard object diaphragm induced by the traditional PVC frame.

Three-Dimensional Air Layer Fabric:

After dozens of sampling and testing, the WINTEX fabric imported from South Korea was ­finally selected, a three-dimensional fabric made of polymer ­fibers and warp knitted by a precision machine at one time. The fabric is composed of upper, middle and lower composite structures, the surface is air mesh, the middle layer is MOLO yarn connecting the surface and the bottom surface, and the bottom surface is densely woven ‑at surface and dense mesh, which further enhances the seat back. Breathability and softness provide users with comfortable support like running water buoyancy.

Italian Donati Mechanism:

The core mechanism comes from the DONATI chassis imported from Italy. It is equipped with a full range of basic functions to easily meet the user's all round action needs: seat lift function, seat sliding function, seat back four-gear tilting locking function, 1.5-circle tilting force quick adjustment function.

4D Handrest:

Standard 4D armrests, and the innovative rear-translation armrest surface can still provide a soft support point for the elbows when the human body is tilted; the new expansion function can take care of the needs of users of different body types. Whether petite ladies or burly men, you'll ­find a comfortable arm support position.

Aluminium alloy base is coated by powder

The aluminium base is coated by powder almost only have on luxury chair. The Aluminium alloy is used in aviation sector it is durable and strength, but it is easy oxidized by salts or detergent, it is in your leg sweat when you put your barefoot on or the detergent when you clean the floor, so powder coating will protect your chair.

Class 4 gas lift

KSG is one of best supplier for gas lift of Korea, the level class 4 almost equip for hight quality chair, its load weight is over 150kg.

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