UPGen BT02 Smart Hanging Board

UPGen BT02 Smart Hanging Board

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Item specifics

  • Material Steel powder coating, plastic
  • Color Red/Black


Pegboard Upgen BT02 hanging board helps arrange work, study, and entertainment items conveniently and flexibly right on the tabletop. Furthermore, the sturdy steel structure and powder-coated surface provide high durability and a modern, smart design. Helps you organize office supplies and decorations to crafts and books. This Pegboard Upgen BT02 hanging board is the perfect item for storage and display for your work and entertainment corner.

Pegboard Upgen BT02 hanging board functional, convenient and easy to install. Can be installed above or below your desk, depending on the needs and design of your personal working corner.

 Perfect multipurpose application for storing and displaying your items in bedrooms, offices, kitchens, utility rooms, retail stores, and more.
● Rugged Construction & Powder Coated Surface Provides Solid & Long-lasting Performance
● Desk arrangement: add more space to store more items on the desk
● Pinboard and Storage: holds headphones, keyboards, discs, etc.

  • Design

    Pegboard Upgen BT02 hanging board modern design that can rotate 360 degrees without moving the table.
    2 different color versions with high quality ABS plastic, sturdy and durable.

    Pegboard Upgen BT02 hanging board Designed with many round holes to save space and optimize space for you. You can easily place it anywhere, from the kitchen, living room, bathroom, work corner,....

    Diverse setup forms

    Pegboard Upgen BT02 hanging board offers many different installation methods to meet all user needs. You can also optionally assemble different modules according to your style.

Technical specifications:

Materials: Steel, Plastic

Pinboard accessories:

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