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Item specifics

  • Material Anti flame ABS plastic and aluminum alloy
  • Warranty 1 years
  • Dimension 212*77*102mm
  • Color White/Black
  • Socket 3 Universal socket ports, 1x USB 2.5A, 1 USB Type C

Tabletop Power Outlet OEXH302JC

Convenient tabletop power outlets are a line of high-end power outlets specifically designed for installation on the tabletop. You will not need to punch holes in the tabletop but can still quickly arrange the power outlet. Simple installation with clamp lock without affecting the table top. You can easily plug in power for mobile devices right on the tabletop. The socket is finished with fireproof plastic and high-grade aviation aluminum alloy.

The tabletop power outlet is a smart, convenient and multi-use electronic product imported and distributed by genuine American standards. Tabletop power sockets can be installed on the tabletop or in a number of different fixed positions depending on the user's needs.

The tabletop socket set is suitable for use on desks, director's desks, meeting tables... high quality, sleek, and luxurious design, very convenient, users can plug in phone charger right on the socket. plugged in without a charger.

Genuine products are imported and distributed nationwide with full CO and CQ for the project.

Basic information of tabletop clamp power outlet:

Dimensions: 212*77*102mm

- Clamps table tops up to 40mm thick

- 2 multi-purpose sockets, 2 USB A + C charging port

- High quality fireproof plastic and aluminum alloy material

- 1.8m extension cord

Advantages of tabletop clamp sockets

- Sophisticated design: The table clamp socket is simply designed with full connections to meet most users' needs.

- Simple installation, does not damage the table top

- Tabletop clamp sockets solve the problem of inconvenient wiring as well as eliminate difficulties when using traditional sockets such as: Sockets in inconvenient locations, cables getting entangled during use. use, low aesthetics,...

Technical specifications:

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