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Smart lifting table and history of formation

Smart lifting table and history of formation

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Although the current lifting table is only popularly used by office workers, few people know that the lifting table has appeared and is a common table many years ago.The lifting table was once the place where Leonardo da Vinci worked in the 1400s. Da Vinci not only painted some of his most outstandi...

Working posture - Your work performance and level of success

Working posture - your work performance and level of success

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The success of your career depends on each working day. And how did you sit, walk and stand in each of your working days?Posture affects the ability to breathe, absorb oxygen, work of the circulatory system, therefore, affect work performance.                &...

Small Office Design Solutions

Small office design solutions

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Whether you work at work or at home, it seems that the corner of your office is where you spend most of your day. However, you don't always have a lot of space to put yourself a comfortable working corner, here are tips to help make your small room or workspace more spacious and comfortable.Clean up...

Smart Desk - Solutions to Improve Health for Office People

Smart desk - solutions to improve health for office people

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You've heard the warning: Sitting can kill youMany studies have shown that prolonged inactivity is a potentially dangerous lifestyle with everything increasing the risk of breast cancer to obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and pain. neck. That's bad news for everyone in the world with a day j...

Smart Desk For Office Meetings Improve Performance

Smart desk for office meetings improve performance

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Do you spend a lot of your work time in meetings? In a survey of 182 senior managers from a variety of industries, 71% said meetings are often ineffective. Make your meetings more productive by organizing your next meeting! Standing desks make it easy to change positions and incorporate more movemen...

Arm Monitor And Points You Need To Pay Attention To

Arm monitor and points you need to pay attention to

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Today, Ergolife would like to introduce you to an adjustment device for your computer screen that helps reduce strain on your eyes and neck. It is the monitor handle designed with truly balanced air lift technology, just touch your finger to find the viewing position. Our product line also includes ...

Improve Your Health When You Sit At Work For Too Long

Improve your health when you sit at work for too long

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It's hard to stay healthy when we're constantly working out most of the day, but there are small changes you can make that can make all the difference in your health.Healthy snacksCarrying healthy snacks when you feel hungry and eating them lightly at your desk, you have a few healthy options to avo...

Smart Desk And How To Use It For Newbies

Smart desk and how to use it for newbies

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Currently, there are quite a few people who have been wanting to own a smart desk. Because they realize the importance of standing during work will bring about better health and suspiciously increased work productivity.It is worth mentioning here, most of the people who have owned this smart desk ha...

Smart Desk and Lowers Work to Improve Health and Work Better

smart desk and lowers work to improve health and work better

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Scientific studies have provided us with evidence that shows the harmful effects of sitting for too long at work. If you are also seeing the terrible effects they have on your work, health and daily life, then check out this article. Here is a great solution to help us avoid being passive during wor...

Smart Desk And Mistakes Easy To Make When Using

Smart desk and mistakes easy to make when using

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Standing seems so easy, doesn't it? Yes, many of us often have simple mistakes with our standing desk that affect our health, And the important thing is that this standing desk is no longer a solution to help us in our daily life. health improvement is as we desire and not as convenient as we think ...

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