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Smart Lifting Table with Change Height Ergolife ERD-2300

Smart lifting table with change height ergolife erd-2300

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The height-changing desk - 1200x600mm is one of Ergolife's high-end height increasing desk models. With a simple height adjustment, you have the flexibility to change the working mode from standing to sitting and vice versa at the touch of a button. With a compact 1200x600mm size it will fit into an...

Ergonomic - Using Modern Technology in Office Interior Design

Ergonomic - using modern technology in office interior design

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According to a recent survey, it is found that the use of Ergonomic technology for office furniture and design has brought very good working results for employees. So what is Ergonomic technology? How is it used in office furniture? Let's go with Ergolife to find the most accurate answer.W...

Smart Lift Table Ergolife: Lifesaver For IT People

Smart lift table ergolife: lifesaver for it people

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Are you someone who often has to work with a laptop? Are you experiencing back pain interspersed with health concerns facing the job of sitting still for hours? The smart lifting table is your savior.The terrible effects of sitting for a long timeSurveys and scientific studies have shown that people...

Smart Lifting Table And Advantages Not To Be Missed

Smart lifting table and advantages not to be missed

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Electric lifting desk is a product model that many consumers are interested in in recent times. This is a high-end product line, meeting the needs of consumers, adding to the luxury and modernity of living and office spaces. If you are interested in this product, do not hesitate to follow the articl...

How To Make Your Body Work More To Work Efficiently

How to make your body work more to work efficiently

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Research clearly demonstrates that excessive sitting is a life-threatening threat. For long periods of time sitting increases the risk of certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and back and neck problems.In addition, many people who incorporate more movement into ...

Why Should You Throw Away Your Office Chair?

Why should you throw away your office chair?

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A new study will convince you to get rid of your chair as soon as possible. Just standing for 6 hours a day instead of sitting can help you lose weight.Studies are increasingly showing that too much sitting time affects health in a variety of ways.One such study has shown that too much sitting can a...

Application of Ergonomics in Office Space Design

Application of ergonomics in office space design

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User-friendliness is the core experience of the design process, and designers should put themselves in what the end consumer wants, gaining their empathy. Ergonomics aka Ergonomics will solve these for you. The application of Ergonomics in office design not only brings comfort, comfort and increase...

Standing Desks And Things You Need To Know

Standing desks and things you need to know

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Sitting to work seems to be an outdated concept, the current new trend of the office world is standing. It sounds unbelievable, but it is absolutely true that the office furniture market has recently welcomed a new product line, the standing desk. Let's explore this interesting standing desk with Er...

Ergonomic Chair - 4 Reasons You Should Buy

Ergonomic chair - 4 reasons you should buy

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You spend a lot of time sitting behind your desk. But at the end of the day, your back hurts and your legs get a little numb all thanks to your chair. This is not healthy for you or your team. In this article, I'll show you what makes an ergonomic chair and why it's a good investment. Please refer t...

Ergonomic smart lifting table ERD2300

Ergonomic smart lifting table erd2300

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ERGONOMIC DESK – Ergolife smart lifting table. Use automatic control electric motor. With a smart control panel, remembering the locations you have installed, LED display panel, USB charging port and child lock, very suitable for use at the office as well as at your own home.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS...

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