HY-832 High Class Training Chair

HY-832 High Class Training Chair

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The training chair originated from the need to create a chair product for the training environment along with features such as modern fashion and innovation. The design concept of the chair is based on an aesthetic proposition, allowing the curved surface of the backrest to merge the armrests into a unified curve, bringing innovative beauty with a modern aesthetic. To develop this design concept, the legs also show the beauty of the chair, as if they were an extension of the chair structure, this extension helps to make the overall product uniform and light. than.

Overall, the back of the UNI-1 chair has a wide and comfortable design, combined with a lumbar support design that can effectively reduce low back fatigue and back pain for users due to sedentary exercise, providing a comfortable experience. more comfortable experience.

Design ideas

Inspired by the design of the clamshell cushion, the soft, comfortable sitting feeling and the safe, reliable envelopment embody the natural and man-made cover principle, which reveals the chair product. has a secret inner world under its splendid exterior, giving UNI-1 the unique meaning of its splendid appearance and solid heart.

Integrating the soft elements of the clamshell seat cushion, the UNI-1 is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally functional, combined with soft and comfortable seating. With a solid back support design, helping users to be more healthy than other conventional traditional seats.

Features of the Training UNI-1 chair

Wide seat back helps to distribute pressure

The ultra-wide 445mm back design helps the occupants to be balanced and support to reduce pressure on the back.

PP lumbar support structure, lumbar support adjustable support

The application supports the PP belt with translucent black color, the user can adjust it up and down depending on the comfortable waist position, which can be suitable for many user body shapes. 40mm length, combined with soft seat cushion, to achieve lumbar comfort, support hips and disperse back to buttocks, correct wrong sitting posture.

Back lock in place, easy at the touch of a button

The back of the chair uses a joystick key to lock in place and the backrest can be tilted 20 degrees in place to lock the function, providing safe support for the user's back.

While reducing pressure on the back, users can freely adjust and lock the tilt according to their back comfort level, to promote more productive work with better posture.

Nệm ghế thoáng khí, nâng đỡ thoải mái người ngồi.

Ghế sử dụng vải lưới co giãn, mềm mại khi chạm vào, co giãn và thoáng khí, được dệt bằng lụa. Mang lại cảm giác ôm sát chắc chắn, lưng lưới co giãn, không dễ xẹp.

Vải nỉ kết cấu thân thiện với da được bọc mút định hình chống cháy tiêu chuẩn Mỹ, giúp nâng đỡ người dùng một cách chắc chắn.

Soft rubber texture along the back, elastic support on the shoulders

The upper edge of the back of the chair adopts an innovative textured design, which has a patented design.

The chair provides elastic support for the back through its soft rubber texture, making it more comfortable for the user to recline, ensuring a comfortable waist, and can reduce fatigue points on the arms or back.

The chair can be folded and flipped, flexibly converted

The armrests and seat pockets can be flipped up, convenient for folding and storing the chair.

Chairs can be stacked to save maximum space and flexibly change when not in use.

The training chair has a delicate beauty and meets the needs of the user's health protection equipment. Easy to organize and use in conferences, seminars, education, training, offices and other spaces.

Training space

A training space that accompanies the growth of employees, enhances cohesion and shapes values

Parameters of UNI-1 chair

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