VELA Training Chair

VELA Training Chair

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The training chair originated from the need to create a chair product for the training environment along with features such as modern fashion and innovation. The design concept of the chair is based on an aesthetic proposition, allowing the curved surface of the backrest to merge the armrests into a unified curve, bringing innovative beauty with a modern aesthetic. To develop this design concept, the legs also show the beauty of the chair, as if they were an extension of the chair structure, this extension helps to make the overall product uniform and light. than



Designer Vincenzo Vance was born and lived in Milan, Italy. Graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Design of the prestigious Politecnico di Milano. Fancy and his eponymous studio provide (design services) specializing in exclusive designs that are distributed in markets around the world. With more than 10 years of experience in the fields of design services from product design to space design, innovation as well as application of imaging technology and market research. Fanxi studio's design work has been appreciated by many International awards, including the Chicago Good Design Best Furniture Award, Germany's Red Dot Design Award, Italy's A'Design Award.. .

Design inspiration

Indomitable Songs

In nature, curves are full of life and beauty

Life can't stop

Italy is a peninsular country almost surrounded by the ocean, the designer appreciates the beauty of the sea and feels the beauty of the sea in the ebb and flow of the tide. Covering, appreciating nature's simplest and purest color combinations.

Feel the curvy beauty of white waves full of life in the sound of waves crashing. In this way, the chair was born in the mind of the designer!

It carries the color of the sea and waves, the dynamism and vitality of the waves, and the embrace of the sea. Cool, pleasant color scheme.

The breathable mesh back and padding make people feel as if they're in a microcosm.

Features of the Training chair

The seat armrest and the back frame of the seat are integrated

The rear frame armrest is integrated forming to reduce the pressure around the few most effectively

Foldable cushion

Cushion can be folded to reduce the proportion of space occupied

Nesting design can save space when not in use

The design can be pushed and stacked, flexibly meeting different use spaces

Color and Fabric Products

Product color and fabric

Fresh, breathable mesh fabric, the combination of light blue and white, creates a harmonious, fresh color that enhances the dynamic and flexible design.

Enhance your space

Sublimate your space

The training chair has a delicate beauty and meets the needs of the user's health protection equipment. Easy to organize and use in conferences, seminars, education, training, offices and other spaces.

Training space

A training space that accompanies the growth of employees, enhances cohesion and shapes values

Parameters of VELA chair

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