Wheel for ergonomic desk 4 locked wheel

Wheel for ergonomic desk 4 locked wheel

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Ergonomic wheels make moving easier for many purposes such as shooting, changing setup angles or cleaning the work area. Providing 4 sturdy, durable wheels, 360 flexible rotation, outstanding load capacity and smart fixed lock support, Ergonomic wheels are a worthy choice for every lift table product on the market. Currently

The Ergonomic wheel has a smart, easy-to-use design that is easy to coordinate with any color in any setup angle. The wheels have a high level of finishing so they have many capabilities such as wear resistance, impact resistance (hard to deform), scratch resistance and high weight capacity (including 4 wheels).

In addition, PU material has little elasticity, so the wheels also have the effect of absorbing shock and reducing noise when moving. Not stopping there, the wheels also have a moving lock feature, extremely useful in case the user wants to fix the table at a certain position.

With load weight up to 330Kgs, can stand any thing in your table

There are dual wheel and have 2pcs lock make fix the desk easy.

Soft PU protect your floor even wood floor, smooth moving.

Easy install with key combined.

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